Unexpected Graveyard

IMG_5845One thing you can count on in this life is that you will experience something unusual, strange.  Whether it is good or bad, it will happen.  My family and I like to drive on dirt roads, basically off roading.  We were on vacation in Durango, Colorado.  We had visited a place where we were told about a dirt road not far from where we were camping. We are like, “cool!”  Nothing different on the road, basic dirt and rocks, lots of green trees, which I am not used to seeing in the summer where I live.  We saw a couple of mining pieces of equipment and I took photo shots of that.  Again, nothing unusual.  We continued on our way after the mining equipment stop and drove on a road towards some clouds.  We stopped where the clouds were as we could not see the road beyond it, which was a good thing because there wasn’t any road more road!  We walked around, to see what is around us.  My daughter climbed some rocks as she loves to climb.  There was a walking path (shown in the picture), so my husband and I walked on this short path.  We noticed there was writing on the side of the mountain that we were walking by.  As my husband is reading it, it has names and dates.  What we discovered is that people threw the remains of loved ones over the mountain we were walking on!  We looked below us, through the mist of the clouds and did not see any remains of vehicles, not to say there could of been some with the clouds in the way.  Instead of leaving the place, we decided to have lunch.  We were hungry and had a long drive back.  So, we sat on some large rocks and ate our lunches.  We could hear the distant rumbling of thunder as we ate, and watched the clouds move away and come back.  We basically stumbled upon a graveyard.  I can tell you, it was peaceful there.  I tend to sense things, and I only felt peace.  It was really cool to eat in the clouds as well.  We stayed there a while and reflected on what we learned about the area.  We left without a hitch, got back safely without being spooked.  We usually do not eat in graveyards, and we have been to some too, but since this was so unexpected and hunger won out, we enjoyed our noon day meal there.  What unusual places have you been to, whether it was expected or not?


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